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Video: “Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Women on the Street”

2 Apr

Speaking of men for whom we have great respect: National Anti-Harassment Week has ended, but this video from the Permanent Wave feminist collective (love the name) is suitable for viewing all year-round.  And we love what these men have to say.

Avoiding the slut-shaming angle of much rape/abuse/harassment-prevention advice, the video features New York men (mmm) letting other men know that harassing women will never be okay with them.  Multi-lingual, tri-borough+, mucho awesome, it is worth a watch and, we thought, worth sharing.

You can learn more about the Stop Street Harassment Campaign at Meet Us on the Street.


Sam’s SOTD: “Salt Water” by Zoë Boekbinder

17 Nov


Sweet song, super svelte stop-motion.

More things I like: raw emotion and sea vessels.