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Adults Only, Please

14 Jan

What does it mean for women when preteen girls want to look 25 and grown women want to look 12?

For the actual twelve-year-olds, the picture’s pretty scary.  Kiddie lingerie and Bratz dolls are just two parts of a pervasive culture of hypersexuality that has damaging effects on girls’ health and self esteem.   For the grown women who want to look twelve, well, I have no words.

Actually, I have quite a few words, beginning with WTF?  Now, I’m by no means any sort of fashionista, but I do flip through my roommate’s magazines every once in a while.  The other night, for about an hour that I’ll never get back, I was bombarded with the message that cutesy is sexy.  With Dakota Fanning on the cover (a decision that has stirred more than a little controversy), this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan gives its readers plenty of tips and products for achieving that oh-so-alluring look of pre-pubescence.  This bothers me on two fronts.  First, as I just mentioned, is the rush to turn girls and young woman into objects of sexual desire.  Second is the reinforcement of the idea that helplessness and frivolity, not self-assurance and competence, are what’s really sexy.

Their caption says it all...

Want a baby-soft pout to match those doe eyes?  There’s a product for that.  Ever wanted to find out how a dude likes you?  Well, don’t ask him or be straightforward about it (God no!); read the secret signals he’s sending you via his hand placement on the table.  Speaking of hands, make your mitts middle-school-dance-ready with the ombre trend.

Can we please get a few things straight?  Cute and cutesy are not the same.  Looking like a taller, more buxom version of a twelve year old does not make you a good role model for her (in fact, just the opposite…)

I’m not pleading for a return of the shoulderpads of the 1980s, but at least the babydoll dresses of the 90s were paired with some ass-kicking Doc Martens!


List of Boston Area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Resources and Publications

22 Jul

Had to compile this list for a project I’m working on, so I thought I’d share it.  Only organizations known to be currently active were included.  This is a partial listing.

LGBTQ Networks in Boston

Boston LGBT Film Festival


Email info@bostonlgbtfilmfest.org or executivedirector@bostonlgbtfilmfest.org

617) 233-1190

QWOC- Queer Women of Color


outspoken@qwocboston.org or qwoctalk@qwocboston.org

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition





PO Box 301897

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

EDGE Boston



EDGE Publications, Inc.

434 Massachusetts Avenue #501

Boston, MA 02118


Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network


PO Box 302103

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

P: (617) 536-9669; F: (617) 238-2467;

Email: glsen@glsenmassachusetts.org

Gay Fathers of Boston- A Resource for Gay Parents



Outreach Phone:

(781) 333-8429

Boston Bisexual Resource Center


P.O. Box 170796

Boston, MA 02117



Out In Boston (online magazine)


Add events to the Out Calendar at http://www.outinboston.com/resources/calendar.asp?editEvent=-1

PFLAG: Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays


Greater Boston PFLAG

85 River St., Suite 3A

P.O. Box 541619

Waltham, MA 02454

Tel: 781-891-5966

Fax: 781-891-7444

Email: info@gbpflag.org

Mass Equality


262 Washington St, 7th Floor

Boston, MA 02108

(617) 878-2300

FAX (617) 878-2333

Email info@massequality.org

Metropolitan Community Church of Boston: A Church of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer Community


Phone: 617.973.0404

Email: church@mccboston.org

SoJust- Socializing for Justice

LGBTQ-friendly events calendar, trainings and networking


GLAD- Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders


30 Winter Street, STE 800

Boston, MA 02108

Phone: (617) 426-1350

Fax: (617) 426-3594

Email: gladlaw@glad.org

Enjoy!  Yay, gay.