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Sam’s SOTD: “Brain Case” by Featureless Ghost

18 Feb


These guys rocked it completely at 529 in East Atlanta Thursday night.  Along with other great acts including REKChampa, Anticipation, dj Cc, and Fit of Body, Featureless Ghost got the crowd dancing till clothes were shed and ears were ringing.

Featureless Ghost is blowing up.  Get ’em while they’re hott.


Full disclosure: went to high school with these guys.  Go Spartans/psycho synth!


Sam’s SOTD: Rilo Kiley, “More Adventurous” (Live)

9 Feb

“With every broken heart/ we should become

More adventurous”

-Rilo Kiley


An oldie but good-ie, I say.

From morose, grey lanes of Boston, with its onslaught of snow a piss-stained Sisyphean boulder, to glasses-spritzing mist and collegiate memories on the San Francisco wharf: much has changed in a year. But not yet quite enough.


Stay tuned for updates from my most recent job at the Sundance Film Festival, and a new film writing project in the works!