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“Mistakes: Grotesque, and Necessary”

11 Apr

"Mount Rainier Train" by Gary-Neil Richardson.

As I set out on a new adventure, I think about how fortunate I am:

To have the means to do what I love, to have friends who support and inspire me, to live in a relatively free society, to be privileged in so many ways.

To take ownership of my own life, and to make my own mistakes, grotesque, and necessary.  To often move through the world alone, and to be at peace with that.  To make art for myself.  To make art for others.

To fail.

To be freer than the majority of women who have ever lived.

Of course, this analysis depends on how one defines freedom.


Sam’s SOTD: “Wild Goose Chase” by Dark Dark Dark

30 Dec


“Portland west to Portland east” in 2011- this was more like an anthem of my year than just a song of the day.

“Oh, I do not love to ramble around…”


What would your song of the year be?