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Crowdfunding Feminism

21 Feb

After San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi made a request for allegations of his abusing his girlfriend to be treated as a “private matter,” domestic violence service provider La Casa de las Madres fired back with this billboard near the San Francisco courthouse.

Funding for the billboard was achieved through a community effort – the international community.  Using crowdfunding organization LoudSauce, La Casa reached out to all who were inspired to share the message that domestic violence is going to have to be widely and publicly addressed if it’s going to end.  And we all have a role to play.

La Casa de las Madres has begun a second fundraiser to erect another billboard with the same message in Spanish.

TMMV applauds using the innovation of crowdfunding not only to raise money for artistic endeavors – which are also important – but to advance the rights of those that people like Ross Mirkarimi would prefer to keep quiet.

I hope to see anti-domestic violence messages tower over other parts of the country, too.


Thank you, Ellen Pence (1948-2012)

10 Jan
Ellen Pence, advocate for domestic violence survivors. Image via minnesota.publicradio.org.

Well, we’re days deep into 2012, and you know what that means.  Another year, another hero’s passing.

Ellen Pence was a Minnesotan scholar credited with developing the inter-agency approach to domestic and sexual violence that is the standard toay.  Never one to stay on the sidelines as that most wasteful sort, the armchair academic, Pence put her study into practice.  She worked to train housing agencies, police departments, social service providers and policy makers on effective domestic violence prevention and prosecution.

Pence’s work set the stage for modern violence prevention work.  It is impossible to estimate how many women, children, genderqueer people and men whose lives have been made safer by her work.

TMMV would like to say, thank you, Ellen Pence.  Your work is much appreciated.  I hope other young feminists will join me in continuing it.