About TMMV

Thoroughly Modern Milli Vanilli is a U.S.-based collaborative blog run and written by young feminist women. TMMV is about… everything! We figure that there are problems in the ways women’s lives always being segmented: work, friendships, art, romantic relationships, political views, family, etc. While we could’ve created a blog specifically about hilarious memes like Privilege Denying Dude, or about what women deal with in terms of sexual objectification on college campuses, we didn’t feel like pigeonholing any one of our experiences. We wanted to embrace that messy middle area in the venn diagrams of livin’.

Women are not as smooth and uncomplicated as we may appear. This shit is real. Some of us like to make art and crafts, and some would rather sell girl scout cookies in a prison than touch a cross stich needle. Some of us are vegan, and some happily chow down on turducken. So why should we limit ourselves to writing about only one thing? In Thoroughly Modern Milli Vanilli, we talk about ourselves. Also: politics, music, gender, healthcare, film, sexuality, diy projects, anti-racism and more! We don’t profess to speak for all women, by any means. But we do recognize the power of documenting and discussing our own views and experiences.

Each post reflects the view of its author and not necessarily any of the other TMMV contributors. Because each woman is different, and has her own opinions based on life experiences, class, race, abilities, religion, cis-/trans gender identity, regional upbringing, etc. (You do know that that’s how that works… right?)

Thoroughly Modern Milli Vanilli celebrates the complicated, difficult, sexy, wonderful lives of a few kickass women. Thanks for checking us out!


One Response to “About TMMV”

  1. Loudon Pop October 2, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    “Thoroughly Modern Milli Vanilli”, (as your blog name,) I get.

    But, could you please *not* show the photo of MV at the top of every page? Every time it pops up it scrambles my zen.


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