On [the Tarot Card] Deck

4 May


Last night, I ventured into the not-wilds of Tremont Street in Boston with my wacky friend EL to visit the Tremont Tearoom, which purports to contain many a psychic, always ready to read one’s cards.

A few weeks ago, E had told me that a bloke named V had read her cards with uncanny insight, and, knowing the relevant details of her life, I corroborated her claim. So, I thought, why not enjoy this novel experience? I’d been feeling 50% content and 50% befuddled; perhaps this V character could shed some light on my inner chaos.

As it turned out, V was a young-ish, tremendously tall, slightly effeminate, scarf-wearing, all-black donning RISD alum who I found quite endearing. I shuffled the deck several times, and in the course of 20 minutes, he gave me the following reading:

Shuffle 1: General environmental assessment:
–  V: You have recently completed something.
S: Well, I have ended a period of emotional turmoil and transitioned into general happiness and stability, yes.
– V: The past card is here; perhaps you are feeling some nostalgia for the past, or moving on from a past experience?
S: I’m generally over the past, but people from my past do pop up at unexpected times – and I do have a pattern of types of people with whom I generally cavort.
– V: The cards signifying dream and reality are on top of each other. With the dream, it seems you have a great many options or skills, but unsure of what to pursue.
S: Very yes. Reality is cool and one thing, but I’ve not reached the dream yet, and doing so would require me to optimize some aspects of my current reality.
– V: But it seems there’s a waiting period; this is a big decision.
S: Sigh, yes – two years feels like a long time to me, when I thought I’d know what I’d be doing for life at 21! (This is when the “Fool” card should have shown up, but didn’t.)
– V: Some sign of money keeps coming up – perhaps this is holding you back? You want something intellectual, but which can emotionally fulfill you.
S: I did think again today about trying to become a consultant – but I think this would require me to suppress a great deal of my inner being. I’m more interesting in cultivating others’ potentials.
– V: [Other stuff, but I don’t remember.]
S: [Thinking, engagement, conversation.]
– V: There’s a dignified figure on a horse with a javelin who seems to be charging into your life. He’s an intellectual!
S: WHOA. He has not yet arrived, but perhaps soon! I like me some intellectualism, and I do have a crush in mind.
– V: [Other stuff, but I don’t remember.] 2
S: [Thinking, engagement, conversation.] 2

V then asks me to keep a question in mind (or to express it), as the next shuffle will apply to it.

Shuffle 2: My unexpressed but held question: Who will I marry?
– V: It seems like you represent a change – creativity and sexuality – for this person.
S: Holy cats – that sounds about right! I am writing quite a bit for work these days.
– V: Here we see a death card, but don’t be alarmed – it represents transformation.
S: INTENSE. Dude. Um.

Shuffle 3: Another unexpressed but held question: Will I be settling down in Boston-Cambridge?
V: The first two cards here represent intense stability.
S: Well, I do have a great and very stable job, and I like my newly-evolving friendships here.
– V: But the final card in the set is the moon – motherly, nurturing, powerful, leading from one reality into another – so it seems you probably won’t stay here forever after all.
S: Well, right. I’m not sold on this town (yet?). Hrm.

Okay, so I took some creative liberties! But very interesting potentially relevant insights into work and love.

EL and I were pretty taken with these readings and decided to search for our own decks at a Barnes and Noble on our way home. I ordered one from Amazon this morning. Next we meet, I’ll be reading YOUR cards!

I’ve also experienced a newly-kindled interest in folklore – I’m curious about that which lies beyond the analytic, and the objects, practices, and beliefs that give us direction and comfort amidst the chaos. Also, tarot cards have some pretty crazy graphics!

How about you, reader – thoughts on the deck? What’s your non-scientific comfort practice of choice?


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