SOTD Double Dose: Lupe Fiasco and Reformed Whores

9 Mar

So TMMV missed the boat on Black History Month this February (sorry! I’m a working class schmuck again with little time to blog), but we wanted to make it up to y’all with a double dose of music to celebrate this hard-won holiday as well as International Women’s Day!

Here are two amazing songs that help us share our late-winter-early-spring-holidays-that-aren’t-celebrated-enough-in-America feelings.

Heard this song by Lupe Fiasco on WRFG yesterday.  Gave me chills.  Beautiful.
(Note – this is a fanvid.)
In response to the Slutgate begun by credibility-less Rush Limbaugh, musical comedy duo Reformed Whores took it upon themselves to make ‘slut’ a compliment, play with crystal balls, and stick their bums out a lot.  Fight absurdity with absurdity, eh?  I like it.

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