Music News on Not-The Grammys: Liz Phair Responds to the Lana Del Rey Haters

13 Feb

I found what I saw of last night’s Grammy Awards to be a bit boring, so I’ll leave Sasha Frere-Jones and HelloGiggles to write poignantly about that.

What I’m grooving on right now is Liz Phair’s solid support of younger singer Lana Del Rey in her time of need.

Sure, SNL wasn’t a great showcase of her talent, but does that give critics lay and professional the right to attack Del Rey’s music, appearance, and character as though drunkards with paint balloon darts?  Rock behemoth and target of critics herself, Liz Phair would like everyone to back off their below-the-belt attacks of Lana Del Rey.

“Lana Del Rey is exactly what I was hoping to inspire when I took on the male rock establishment almost twenty years ago with my debut record, ‘Exile In Guyville,'” Phair writes.

For musicians who choose to recreate themselves, the process takes creativity, effort and ovaries of steel.  I appreciated Phair taking up Del Rey’s cause as an act of solidarity in the face of the rich white boy’s club that is much of the music industry.

Not that Del Rey needs any backing up.  But it sure is encouraging to this soon-to-be Ladies Rock Camp participant.


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