All I Want for Christmas is…

23 Dec

No, not “you”!
Why would I waste a Christmas wish on that? That’s what the mistletoe is for, isn’t it?

Looking back at my old letters to Santa, I have to laugh at some of my requests, which include such gems as “Gak or Floam OR BOTH,” and “the Dangerous Minds CD–1 for me and 1 for my cousin.”  Especially charming is the letter that ends with “AS MANY PRESENTS AS I GOT LAST YEAR.”

Man, I had my priorities straight, huh?

This year, when my mom started asking me in June what I wanted, I wasn’t so quick to whip out a bulleted list.  I’m so lucky to have the problem of not being able to think of things I need but don’t have.  I mean, I could use some quarters for laundry, but that wouldn’t be very festive to unwrap Christmas morning, would it?

For the few things I don’t necessarily need but want, I think it’s kinda fun to keep them on the wish list.  A theoretical “splurge item” represents the possibility of some future treat or gratification.  Actually getting it would be nice, but it also would also ruin the thrill of anticipation.

The best part of Christmas was always walking down the stairs to see if Santa came.  More exciting than the actual Furbies, Tamagotchis, or Tickle-Me-Elmos was counting down the days until I got them.  That giddy mix of impatience, hope, and slight fear of disappointment  was better than anything I ever found in my stocking.

P.S. Big props to my dad for freezing his ass off every Black Friday when his daughters were younger.


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