Volcom Makes Non-Surf Clothes? Awesome!

19 Dec

Volcom Women's Pullin' Rank Military Jacket at shop.volcom.com.

I needed some new work clothes, badly.  Lucky for me, in my new short-term home of Park City, Utah there exists a tantalizing clothing store by the name of Olive and Tweed.  Today I ventured in, and, though I couldn’t afford most of the wares, I was delighted by what I found!  Spotlights on unique design, well-made staple items as well as some more seasonal and sparky pizzazz pieces.  A few local designers were even highlighted in their jewelry section (though I do wish O & T featured a few regionally-based clothing designers as well.  Little too much ‘made in china’ for my taste).  I believe the boutique is women-owned, as well, which I always appreciate in a business.

After an extended trying-on party – deeply satisfying – I decided to stick with the basics.  In addition to a much-needed belt (no one wants to see my turquoise pants fall off), I chose this beautiful blazer (above).  Which was funny, because I associate Volcom with middle school beach trips to  the oil-soaked Atlantic.  But no longer!

The three quarter length sleeves, accented cuffs and asymmetrical design make this jacket.  Plus, Olive and Tweed steamed it for me before I left the store!  The salesmadams were superhelpful and complimentary.  For a pleasant weekend shop, I thought this jaunt successful, enjoyable, and nicely patterned.


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