Dani’s SOTD, and other musings

8 Nov

I’m probably about the 1,459,254th person to tell you how much I love Florence and the Machine. Her new album, Ceremonials, came out a week ago and I’ve already listened to it at least 15 times.

My favorite song of the moment: “All This and Heaven Too”

I couldn’t find a good video to post, so here are some gorgeous photos to browse while you listen.

This song is very similar to “Between Two Lungs” on her first album (um, Lungs), in that it exalts both the larger-than-life feeling of love, but also the smaller, quiet intimacy of it.  In particular, both songs share a common theme of the small “gasp” of love.

Yesterday, as I was talking with a friend about his new love interest, we compared the merits of both parts of falling in love.  Yes, having someone take your breath away is quite the sensation.  It provides a kind of rush like no other, one that’s so addicting to wrap yourself up in.  Those gasps, though, are harder to come by.  The thing is, the prayers and proclamations hook you, but you’ll eventually get unhooked.  When you fall and get the wind knocked out of you, you recover after a few deep breaths and move on.

But those continual short, shallow gasps?  That’s the stuff that keeps you lightheaded, dizzy, exhilarated.


2 Responses to “Dani’s SOTD, and other musings”

  1. Jenne December 27, 2011 at 12:55 am #

    Love it. Your such a good writer 🙂

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