Songs of the Day, by Liz Longley, on this, my birthday.

19 Oct

Over Fourth of July weekend this past summer, I went camping and music festivaling with some friends.  I had the pleasure of hearing the music of Liz Longley for the first time live at the New Bedford Summerfest.  Among the whaling city’s cobblestoned streets leading to sites of deep historical significance, folk musicians from around the world made merry.

At the panel “He Was Her Man But He Done Her Wrong: Songs of Love Gone Wrong,” Longley played alongside folk greats Mark Johnson, Antje Duvekot and Cliff Johnson.  Her music literally swept me off my feet, and where I had just planned to pass by the showcase, I stayed through the encores.  With just a guitar and a mic, Longley strummed and sang in her incredibly rich voice with it massive range.  She played “Goodbye Love,” (above), explaining that it was about seeing her ex with someone new via the strange wonders of social media.  I could relate to the feeling- it sucks.  Longley said that seeing the image of them made her throw up.  And then, it helped her to move on.

Well, I bought Longley’s album Hot Loose Wire at the festival, and the song that ended up holding my attention and heavy rotation on my music players was “Free.”  Playful sensuality, kickass declining scales, a sense of true unfetteredness- I love this track.  Get this record soon’s you can press ‘purchase’!  Not only are these two gorgeous songs on it, no- there’s even a hilarious ode to the naughty wiles of Girl Scouting.

Thank you, Liz Longley, for a wonderful album and Thoroughly Modern Milli Vanilli’s double-dose SOTD: Songs of the Day.

As a housekeeping note, I will be making every effort to post every day for the next month.  TMMV to the stars.


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